Wesley Grove Chapel

"Ye Must Be Born Again"

Wesley Grove Chapel's

Group of Youth

Come check out our youth group- learning and applying God’s word in today’s world! For teens ages 14-19 (grades 9-12). Every Sunday morning during our 10:45a.m service, we have Sunday school where we learn God’s word and how to apply it to our lives daily and become true disciples.

On Tuesday nights, while the adults have Bible study, the teens meet at 6:30p.m for youth group. Youth group focuses on Christian fellowship and discussing relevant topics that teens today are faced with -from a Christian perspective. We usually have some game or activity to demonstrate the point or concept of the lesson we are learning.

   Once a month, we have a youth outing, where we get off church grounds and give the teens a chance to let loose in an appropriate, Christian friendly environment. We go to baseball games, restaurants, bowling, ice skating and picnics at local parks and just have fun and enjoy being around a group of like-minded peers.

Once a month or so we also have a theme night- themed parties (50’s, Disney characters), seasonal parties (harvest party) movie night (always age appropriate), themes dinners (breakfast dinner, potluck, taco-pizza party)…anything that seems fun and give us more reason to hang out together.

We depend on careful research of God’s word as well as a working knowledge of what teens are dealing with in today’s society, yet we remain flexible and let the teen’s interests and questions dictate the direction our lessons and discussions go. We welcome and encourage open, honest questions, comments and discussions. This theory of learning allows us to accommodate new and longtime Christians alike in an environment where everyone is comfortable and able to learn and understand how this information affects them. Our group is a family , fostering an atmosphere that genuinely nurtures Christian and personal growth and we are always looking to welcome a new member to come learn and grown with us!