Wesley Grove Chapel

"Ye Must Be Born Again"

Great News! 

Our church service will be starting again on July 12th.

Sunday Worship will be at 11am and we will be doing things a little different then our usual service.

Update: Adult Sunday School will now be meeting at 10am every Sunday morning!

We will be following the CDC guidelines & best practices of keeping distances during the service. We ask that you review the below guidelines before arriving at the church.

We recommend that those who are immunocompromised to stay home.

Don’t worry! You will still be able to see the sermon as we will be recording & posting it the same day.

Before you arrive at church:

- Children are fed (as snacks will not be provided)

- All members attending church should have a facemask
UPDATE: Fully Vaccinated don't need to wear a mask

- Check to see if you or a family member have any of the below:

         *Possible contact with someone with COVID-19

                                                              (within the last 14 days)

          *ANY of the following symptoms:

                   - New Cough

                   - Shortness of Breathing or Difficulty Breathing

                   - Fever (temperature >99.1℉ or 37.3℃)

                   Repeated Shaking with Chills

                   - Muscle Aches & Pains

                   - Sore throat

                   - New Loss of Taste or Smell

                   - Other Unexplained Severe Illness

                   - Headache

Please Note:

If you start to feel ill during service, we ask that you leave & go home immediately & contact your doctor & Pastor Phil - (609) 499-0757.

If you feel ill after the service, we recommend you call the doctor and also notify Pastor Phil - (609) 499-0757.

That way we can be sure those who were in contact with you can quarantine themselves & be on a look out for symptoms.

Upon Arriving:

- Face Masks should be worn at ALL TIMES
Fully Vaccinated don't need to wear a mask

- Adults will use the entrance near the Sanctuary

- Children will go straight to Sunday school & they will be using the other entrance

- Youth will be going straight to the Youth Building

- Snacks will not be provided in order to limit unneeded contact & removal of facemask

- Restrooms will be limited to two people at a time.

- Nursery will be for those with infants ONLY (1 Adult)

- There will be an area outside to hear the sermon

- There will also be overflow in the foyer for when it rains

- Be sure to sanitize frequently

Service will be different than usual service:

- There will be no Adult Sunday School
- Adult Sunday School meets at 10am

- Sunday Service will consist of Short Opening Worship, Announcements, Sermon, Closing Song.

- There will be no socializing before & after service to prevent any longer exposure.

- Each household will have their own section to sit

- Please be sure to not sit where the blue tape is blocking.

      *Each pew section can hold 2 people (3 max).

- We will be recording the sermon as well, so we ask that no one walks in front of the camera.

If you have any questions, please email us or call us at

[email protected] or (609) 499-0757.

Love & Prayers,

                Wesley Grove Chapel