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"Ye Must Be Born Again"

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This Weeks Sermon:

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For those of you joining us in reading the bible in a year, here are this weeks readings:
                                                     March 29th - April 4th 

Sunday: Genesis 19 - 21

Monday: Genesis 22 - 24

Tuesday: Genesis 25 - 27

Wednesday: Genesis 28 - 30

Thursday: Genesis 31 - 33

Friday: Genesis 34 - 36

Saturday: Genesis 37 - 39

Good Day All,

We have had some people reaching out asking how they should Tithe while our church services are cancelled. We ask that you mail in a check addressed to Wesley Grove Chapel to the below address.


             4800 S. Broad Street

              Yardville, NJ 08620‚Äč

If you have an questions please feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page or call the church at (609) 585-0004 

All Church Services are cancelled until further notice due to proactive measures in limiting social interactions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Stay healthy & God Bless!

Verse of the Week

Colossians 2:8

See to it, then, that no one enslaves you by means of the worthless deceit of human wisdom, which comes from the teachings handed down by human beings and from the ruling spirits of the universe, and not from Christ.

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